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    China Pump Valve Network was invited to participate in the 8th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition
    On June 3-5, the 8th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition hosted by Shanghai Horui Exhibition Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition covers an area of 70,000 square meters
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    Overview of China's Valve Casting Industry Market Development in 2019
    According to the "China Valve Casting Industry Research and Investment Strategy Report (2019 Edition)" published by Limu Information Consulting, in recent years, the domestic pump and valve casting industry has developed rapidly, but there are still many problems in its industry development.
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    Tracking: Gusilk Road Travelers Bring Irrigation Technologies to Arid Areas in Xinjiang
    Hangzhou Xinzeyuan Precision Products Co.,Ltd. was founed on May 2010, which is the son company of Lin’an Shinehe Precision Parts Co.,Ltd. Our company is located in the Chinese precision parts town L
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